Email Marketing or Social Media?

The combination of email marketing and social media This is the question many are asking, seeking to connect with our customers and potential customers, retain them, and to establish a continuous and fluid communication with them. In recent months I have noticed the proliferation of articles and various views on a war with no winners [...]

Advertisers Gain Interest-Based Targeting on Twitter

Twitter enhanced its paid products for advertisers today with a new targeting option that includes more than 350 interests. Brands can now target their Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to specific subsets of users based on their interests. While the auction mechanisms and bidding process remains, the new interest-based targeting parameters are now built into [...]

New Basics of Email Marketing

I’ve had a lot of questions recently from small business owners and marketing directors of companies that are not enterprise level brands. Many of them are related to the fact that the email is changing and not lag behind. Or more importantly, your customers are changing the way they interact with the business to buy. [...]

25 Items Email Marketing Should Steer clear of

When considering starting a campaign Email marketing is essential to have a good list of subscribers to effective emailing campaigns. However, sometimes we overlook the importance of getting the visitor to our website or blog to provide your e-mail and subscribe, it opens the mail is sent, or to promote a simple visit becomes a [...]