New Basics of Email Marketing

19 Nov

sobre de correo electrónicoI’ve had a lot of questions recently from small business owners and marketing directors of companies that are not enterprise level brands. Many of them are related to the fact that the email is changing and not lag behind. Or more importantly, your customers are changing the way they interact with the business to buy. They do not have the luxury of a big team, with specialized agencies that live and breathe the nuances of email marketing and digital.

I met some of the most common and important questions about the New Basics of Email Marketing to be taken to ensure that this vital part of our economy continues to use the proper channels to deliver the right message and keep your business profitable and successful. Perhaps our presidential candidates will even work this into his campaign rhetoric on how to boost our economy?

What is the actual current state of online marketing, especially when many peers and colleagues say they are moving to social media?

The New Basics of email marketing and social media are two dynamic weapons in the arsenal of digital marketing. Email and social media are unique in their benefits and the tandem certainly share the power of attracting customers and prospects of most companies. Too much of the conversation these days is focused on what is best and what is the impact of social media in email marketing, but the reality of the situation suggests a different approach.

The Email Marketing ROI (ROI) in 2011 was $ 40.56 (according to the Direct Marketing Association), which is far superior to most marketing platforms. Social media, while generating a lot of buzz and interest in the business community in general, falls short at this point in terms of measurement, according to executives of large companies. For example, General Motors withdrew its advertising budget to Facebook because he could not see an impact on sales. Email bread and butter income is driving a specific and measurable.

How I can make them work together with limited resources?

The other part of the conversation is as complementary and Email Marketing social media are when planned and executed correctly. Send can often lead to participation in social networks and social media, while not doing enough, can help boost email program more profitable too. Chick-fil-A (company) is a great example of a company that is integrating its email address and the efforts of social media and let their customers decide how they want to interact with the brand while it offers attractive opportunities across multiple channels.