Email Marketing or Social Media?

3 Dec

The combination of email marketing and social media

This is the question many are asking, seeking to connect with our customers and potential customers, retain them, and to establish a continuous and fluid communication with them.

In recent months I have noticed the proliferation of articles and various views on a war with no winners or losers: Does Email Marketing or Social Media?.

Despite the popularity of social networks today, email marketing is still the most popular platform for, well, almost everything online. And is that electronic mail (email) has become a true immortal of our times, with three million members, is the largest social network and it is still universally interoperable platform is that no company can claim a habit that is hard to break.

And is that electronic mail (email) has become a true immortal of our time, and although the new channels and media such as social networks have opened new channels of communication for businesses, he remains a powerful weapon business.

What makes it so strong?

It is perfectly measurable. Today there sending mailing platforms that provide a complete statistics on the rate of opening, the time at which the message was opened, the number of clicks and even who opened it. It provides valuable information that enables the customer to know in detail. The statistical analysis of the qualitative data also provides high value, very helpful to determine the behavior of the recipients, allowing a more detailed knowledge of the audience preferences in order to tailor the message to the maximum, as well as establishing guidelines behavior closer to the reality of the target.

Enables high message segmentation. You may have databases classified according to very specific demographic criteria. Although, I must say, the ideal is that each brand get their own leads, so you can get your message specifically to those recipients who have requested voluntarily.

The mass mail to the custom message. This information enables the design of a fully customized shipping, with appropriate content at the right time, to get directions directly to the recipient, achieving greater effectiveness of the campaign.

It is a type of information well received by users, who subscribe on their own to receive information and news. If managed properly can become an effective direct communication channel.

It is a very versatile, which can transmit both information and promotional content from the presentation of the latest developments to a direct call to action. New advances in programming can make design a visually attractive mail, including images and graphics, in order to attract customer’s attention and provoke interaction.

You can have an immediate convertibility, both online and offline. It is an online marketing tool whose response can take the client to take action, either with a purchase, request for a quote or any activity for which it was designed.

It enjoys high credibility and acceptance by users. 50% of customers would like to be informed about news from the company, and 41% gladly welcomes news on industry trends, recent study indicates The Social Habit.

Promotes direct contact with the client, and encourages loyalty. 27% of customers opens the mails because they like the brand.

Increase the memory of the brand, and builds confidence. If the company is constantly offering quality content, receiving the mail can be considered as a regular visit of courtesy on the part of the brand to the customer’s inbox, giving creditworthiness and reliability by brand .

One of the main reasons for its survival over the years is that it is half cheaper than other marketing, getting a high impact at a relatively low cost.

We could conclude that email marketing is still a really powerful technique, and that despite the continued impact of the rise of the media and social networks these days, email is very much alive.

However, its full potential can be boosted with the help of social networks; And in fact there is no real conflict between them when both digital communication systems can coexist without problems. Both are perfectly complementary media and through good communication and marketing strategy, we will enhance the results of a data channel with another. And this is only the beginning …

“rutina online”

According to the latest research, email is the first thing I check in 70 percent of all Internet users when they get up in the morning.